Voluntary committee consists of parent and church members

St John’s Pre-School is managed by a voluntary committee which consists of parent and church members. The Management Committee is elected each year at the Preschool’s Annual General Meeting. It consists of 10 members – 4 executive members, 2 additional church representatives and 4 parent representatives. The Committee works closely with the Director and staff and is responsible for finances, policy reviews, staff employment, strategic decision making and to discuss the progress and forward direction of the Preschool.

St John’s Preschool recognises the importance of having a framework of rules, relationships, systems and processes within and by which authority is exercised and controlled in the organisation. We view good governance and management as essential to our provision of quality education and care in a responsible manner. We conduct our affairs legally, ethically and with integrity. We identify organisational risks and legal obligations and manage these through policies and relevant processes, and we ensure that mechanisms are in place for fair and transparent governance.


President – Executive Position

The President is legally responsible for the Management of the Preschool and has the responsibility to see that all functions of the Management Committee are carried out. These include the chairing of Committee Meetings each month.

Vice President – Executive Position

The Vice President is responsible for assisting the President to fulfil their duties and assume these duties in the Presidents absence.

Honorary Secretary – Executive Position

The Secretary is responsible for preparing and distributing the minutes of all meetings to members of the Association and keeping the Minute records up to date.

Honorary Treasurer – Executive Position

The Treasurer is responsible for the accounting of all monies received and expended by the Preschool. They are responsible for preparing a financial statement for Committee and General Meeting. The Treasurer liaises with other Committee members, the Director and the office administrator to monitor the budget and the financial performance of the Preschool.

Funding and Expenditure

As a community-based Preschool, we are funded by the Early Childhood Education and Care Grants Program through the Department of Education and Communities. This requires us to maintain a certain standard of care and management. This, together with fees collected from parent/carers and fundraising, represents our budget. It is expended on wages, rent, administration costs, equipment and funds for special projects. As an incorporated body, our financial affairs are subject to an independent annual audit.

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