“Play provides an important ‘context for learning’ where children are able to explore ideas, solve problems, make connections and engage with others” (DEEWR, 2009, p. 9).

At St John’s Preschool we believe in partnering with each family to provide their child with the best start to Preschool and build on their existing knowledge and competencies.

The programme is developed each week, for both the two-day and three-day groups, based on staff observations of the children, information gained from parents, input from the children and the knowledge of our educators as to ‘what comes next’.  Our program is flexible, and we adapt our curriculum to reflect the needs of the group, as well as the interests, strengths and capabilities of each individual child.

How your child will develop?

Our goals and objectives encompass the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) that has five significant outcomes that will assist your child to develop:

  • a strong sense of identity
  • connections with their world
  • a strong sense of wellbeing
  • a confident and involvement in their learning
  • effective communication

As educators we will guide your child’s play and interactions by listening, watching and designing learning experiences in relaxed, natural learning spaces.

Goals and Objectives

The program objectives are developed taking into consideration the EYLF, our Preschool Philosophy, the National Quality Standards, educational theorists, careful observations and interpretations of children’s learning, input from parents and through consulting with children. They form the basis of planning for daily group and individual experiences and for preparation of the learning environment

You can see our educational program in practice every day through the following ways:

  • Reading the Program in the foyer. We’d love you to look at and comment on this document.
  • Reading the daybook in each classroom highlighting some of the significant learning experiences, discussions and interests each day – this is also available on our website (password protected)
  • Reading your child’s Portfolio
  • Talking to the educators about what has been happening for your child and the group
  • Talking with your child