We have good relationships with many of the schools in the Ryde area and the very positive feedback that we receive indicates that the children we educate are well prepared socially, emotionally, cognitively and physically for Kindergarten. Our local schools place an emphasis on independence, the ability to relate, communicate and connect with others and on self-help skills.

At St John’s Preschool school readiness, or more importantly skills for life, are embedded in our program throughout the year in every experience that we provide for the children. Play promotes life-long knowledge rather than facts in isolation and is a very motivating way to encourage children to practise and continue to build on skills. Partnered with play, we have deliberate, thoughtful and planned experiences that complement and build on the children’s understandings and challenge them to think further about concepts.

In the Early Years Learning Framework reference is made to helping develop dispositions for learning. Dispositions are ‘attitudes to learning’. To give an example, you can be taught the mechanics of reading and become a fluent reader but not actively enjoy reading. Every day at Preschool we enjoy text in many forms such as books, rhymes, factual information, conversations, reading text together on the iPad, and the joy and humour that is in many good quality children’s books. Our aim is to develop a love for reading, and for exploring and processing information in books.

During ongoing experiences through the day children are encouraged to explore, question, experiment, brainstorm, theorize, and understand. They are encouraged to be active, inquisitive, innovative, creative and focused. They communicate ideas, form relationships, face challenges, solve problems, and create knowledge.

The NSW Department of Education has developed a list of skills that are beneficial in children’s preparation for and transition to school. Our program allows children to develop these skills, by exploring topics that interest them.

Visit the NSW Department of Education Transition to school website at